Frustrated With Scratched Furniture? 3 Reasons To Visit The Vet

27 January 2020
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog


If you've noticed a lot of your furniture getting scratched up at home, it can be frustrating and can often leave you disappointed with your cat. Rather than punish them or think that you'll need to live in a home without the furniture you like, it's a good idea to look into making an appointment for a vet visit.

Rather than put off a vet visit due to not understanding the help they can offer, consider the following reasons why they can be a great resource for reducing scratching at home.

Check for Behavioral Issues

One of the most common reasons why your cat could be scratching in your home is due to behavioral issues such as being under-stimulated. When your cat is bored, it could lead to them taking it out by scratching your furniture. There could also be the case where your cat is simply reacting to not having enough places that they are allowed to scratch. Making sure this isn't the case can make a big difference in cutting down how much scratching they do at home.

Get Nail Trims Done

Another common cause why your cat could be scratching your furniture is due to their nails getting too long. Instead of letting this be an issue, you can visit a vet where they may offer nail trims for you. Since it can be daunting to trim your cats nails yourself, visiting the vet can help make sure that your cat is properly restrained and that you're not going to run into issues trimming their nails on your own.

Consider Nail Caps and Accessories

As you get ready for the vet visit, you may find that even with trimmed nails, your cat could still be scratching things around your home. Having nail caps applied to their nails may seem strange, but it can help a lot at dulling their nails and helping you avoid having sharp nails that can be damaging for your home. Some accessories to pick up from the vet can also include furniture protection like stickers and even determine whether you should pick up a new scratcher a vet may recommend.

When your furniture is starting to get damaged by your cat, it's easy to get frustrated and want to limit which rooms your cat is able to go into. Instead of getting fed up with scratching and simply accepting it, the above reasons to visit the vet can help you find an easy solution that will ensure that your cats nails won't be a cause of stress for you. Reach out to veterinarians like those at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital today.