Learn More About The Cockapoo Hybrid

27 January 2020
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There are a lot of things to think about when you are going to bring home a puppy. One of the things that you want to look into is the breed of dog. While all puppies are cute, the breed they are decides how they will look and act as adults, as well as how big they will be. These things help you to understand why it's important to know your breed before you choose your puppy. However, if you are looking for a smart, loyal, friendly, kid and animal friendly breed that is a medium size, then maybe you should look at cockapoo puppies for sale. Cockapoos are dogs that are hybrids of the cocker spaniel breed and the poodle breed. If you do want to learn more about them, this article can help.

Cockapoos are hardy dogs with long lifespans

When you bring home your new little addition to the family, you want to know you are going to have many years to love it. One of the problems with larger breeds is they tend to have short lifespans. If you should decide to bring home a cockapoo, you will know that it has been found that they can live up to 14 to 18 years. This will give you many years to love and enjoy having them with you. In order to help your pup live as long as possible, you want to take them in for all their routine vet visits, make sure that you get them properly vaccinated, and invest in high-quality dog food.

Cockapoos have lovely coats

Cocker spaniels have medium to long fur that is very soft to the touch. Poodles have medium fur that is very curly and also soft to the touch. Therefore, cockapoos will have a coat that is somewhere in-between these two breeds. You will be able to find some with straighter fur and others with very wavy fur. The one you bring home will depend on your preference, but both are soft. You should plan on brushing their coat at least twice a week to prevent it from matting.

Cockapoos are hypoallergenic

Many people think they are allergic to dog hair and the fact that poodles don't really shed makes them hypoallergenic, therefore passing that positive trait on in cockapoos. Instead, it is the dander, or dead skin cells, that cause allergy flair-ups. Luckily, the skin of the cockapoo won't flake off nearly as much as other breeds, meaning that you can consider the cockapoo to be hypoallergenic, but probably not for the reason you suspected.