What Happens When A Cat Goes Into Heat

5 February 2020
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For many pet owners, animal mating is a mystery. Since most pets are spayed or neutered, people often don't witness the estrous cycle of a cat. If you have been curious about what happens when a cat is prepared for meeting, read on.

What Is a Cat's Estrous cycle?

The estrous cycle is the beginning of a cat's reproductive cycle. Generally, cats reach estrous when they go through puberty. Typically, cats are about six months old when they go through this period of their life. They begin to go into "heat." The cycle consists of several steps, and estrus refers to the the first segment of that cycle, when cats go into "heat."

How Often Are Cats In Heat?

Cats typically have several estrous cycles during breeding seasons. When and how often they go into heat are based on several factors, including geographic and environmental factors, including temperature and season. Cats that live in areas with mild weather throughout the year could go into estrus anytime in the year.

Heat lasts several days. A cat that has not been spayed and has not mated will go out of heat before the cycle begins again, often several weeks later.

How Do You Know Your Cat Is in Heat?

You are likely to notice behavioral changes in your cat when she is in heat. Cats become very affectionate, and they may rub against items more often than usual. They want more attention, and you may notice they roll on the floor often. They may be very loud, meowing more often than usual.

Female cats may even spray urine onto taller objects when they go into heat. The urine contains a series of hormones and pheromones typically used to signal that the cat is ready to mate with another cat. If your cat ventures outside, tomcats may wander around in the hopes of mating. They have likely been drawn in by the smell of the urine.

One of the subtle signs your cat is in heat is that you might notice some vaginal bleeding.

What If a Cat Becomes Pregnant?

If a cat becomes pregnant, you can expect her to give birth in about nine weeks. She will produce a litter of kittens.

The best choice is always to have your cat spayed, or surgically sterilized, before she goes into heat for the first time. An animal hospital or clinic is the best place to provide this service.