Consider These Pros And Cons Before Bringing Home An English Bulldog

12 February 2020
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog


English bulldogs can make lovely pets, but like all other dog breeds, they are not for everyone. If you have been thinking of bringing home an English bulldog puppy, then it pays to do your research beforehand to ensure this is the right dog for you. Start by considering these pros and cons of owning an English bulldog.


1. English bulldogs are great around kids.

Especially if you get a puppy and raise it around your kids, you can expect that dog to become your children's best friend. English bulldogs will tolerant some goofiness from children, become protective over them, and watch out for them. You can trust them with children far more than you could trust, say, a Great Dane or poodle.

2. English bulldogs are patient and friendly.

Most aggression has been bred out of the breed. As long as you socialize your puppy when they are young, you can expect to have a very friendly dog who will welcome strangers and family members alike. If you think you might rely on a dog walking service or other caregivers to help with your dog while you're at work, this is a good breed, since you can trust them to be kind.

3. English bulldogs don't need a ton of exercise.

Like any dog, they will benefit from walks and a session or two in the dog park each week. But they are not a high-energy breed with high exercise demands like a border collie or Australian shepherd would be. You can keep an English bulldog in a home with a small backyard without issue.


1. English bulldogs have a long puppy stage.

Some dog breeds mature slower than others. English bulldogs are slow to mature. This means their puppy habits, like chewing on things, zooming around, and learning house manners last a bit longer. Make sure you're prepared to spend about 2 years training and carefully monitoring your puppy as they mature into an adult dog.

2. English bulldogs have some health problems.

Many breeds have health problems that plague them due to close breeding over the years. Heart problems are common, and many dogs develop arthritis as they age. This might seem silly to worry about when just selecting a young puppy, but remember that in 6 or 8 years, when your dog is starting to show signs of heart disease or arthritis, you will be responsible for providing the necessary care.

As long as you are careful to select a healthy pup and don't mind being patient, English bulldogs can make lovely pets, especially for families.