Is Your Elderly Parent Looking for a New Dog? 3 Reasons Why Miniature Bernedoodles Are the Ideal Senior Pet

20 February 2020
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Dogs and seniors both enjoy benefits from spending time together. Your loved one may need a canine companion to keep them comfortable when they are home alone. Spending time with a dog helps to decrease anxiety in seniors, and your loved one may even be more likely to do things for their health such as take a walk with a dog around. Finding the right type of dog for your loved one can be a challenge since they may have preferences regarding size and the level of activity that they require.

If your loved one has expressed that they want a pet, consider these reasons why you want to talk to miniature Bernedoodle breeders who can provide them with a new dog to bring home.

1. They Combine the Best of Both Worlds

Bernedoodles are bred from the Bernese mountain dog and poodle. This gives them traits from both of their parents that include having the hard-working mentality of the mountain dog along with the intelligence of the poodle. People also love how they retain some of the poodle's curly hair with less of the fuss involved since the texture of the curls tends to be slightly looser. Your parent can also choose from a wide variety of colors for their pet to select a dog that truly makes them smile every time they spend time together.

2. Great Things Come in Smaller Packages

The size of a dog depends upon factors such as how big their parents are and how they are fed from the time that they are born. However, mini Bernedoodles tend to be around 18 to 22 inches tall. This is just big enough for seniors to be able to avoid worrying about having to trip over a tinier pet, yet your loved one should also find that this small size is more manageable when their pup wants to jump on their lap. They also tend to weigh less than 50 pounds so your loved one can do things such as take them to the vet more easily.

3. Their Personality Easily Meshes with a Senior's Needs

Like most dog breeds, these dogs need socialization early on to learn how to live comfortably in someone's home environment. Make sure your parent asks breeders about how they socialize young puppies before they go home with their owners. Once socialized, a Bernedoodle will have a strong affinity for their family members that means that they'll want to stay close to your loved one. This breed also needs about an hour of exercise each day, which is easily met by going on walks with your senior loved one.