Summer Cat Care Tips

18 June 2020
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Summer is fast approaching and it is the season of heat and sun and vacations. However, if you are a cat owner, it also means you may have to take some extra steps to take care of your cat. Get to know some summer cat care tips to help you out with your summer cat care. Then, you can be sure you are doing what is best for your cat going forward into the summer season. 

Provide Lots of Shade and Water

If you have a cat that goes outdoors at all, you want to protect them as much as possible from direct sunlight and heat while they are outside. Be sure to give them a shaded area to rest in and cool down in as well as plenty of water. 

Be sure to change their water at least once a day if not more so that the water is cool and refreshing rather than hot. That way, your cat will hopefully not overheat and will be as happy as it can be in the summer weather. 

Get Flea and Tick Prevention from Your Vet

Summer is also the season of fleas and ticks. These pests hide in trees and grass and attach themselves to unsuspecting passersby. This can include your cat. As such, be sure that you pay a visit to the vet as soon as possible to get flea and tick prevention for your cat. 

These are usually topical treatments that you apply between your cat's shoulders once a month. It's that simple and you can keep your cat from bringing home fleas or getting tick bites.

Get Them Groomed

Spring and summer are the seasons when cats will blow their winter coats. They will lose a lot of fur in this process. As such, it is a good idea to take them in for grooming services at the veterinarian's office. They will get a nice bath, get brushed out, and may even get a little trim if they have mats or major tangles in their fur. 

Be Sure They Are Up-to-Date on Vaccines

And, of course, because your cat might be out and about more in the summer than they were in the cold months of winter, you will want to be sure that they are up-to-date on all of their vaccinations and shots. Contact your veterinarian and make sure that your cat doesn't need any boosters. If they do, be sure to get them vaccinated right away to avoid possible infections. 

Now that you know some summer cat care tips to help you out, you can be sure that you talk to your veterinarian and get the pet services you need right away for your cat. 

For more tips on how to help your cat during the summer, talk to a clinic like Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic.