Your Puppy's First Grooming Appointment: What To Expect

16 July 2020
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog


If your puppy's fur is growing like a weed in the heat of summer, it may be time to get them a dog groomer appointment. A dog groomer is someone who has learned the techniques to wash, dry, and style dogs in a safe and efficient manner. There are likely many in your area, so pay special attention to the reviews they receive online. You do not want to trust your beloved animal to someone who is not going to treat them well. On your puppy's first grooming appointment they may be nervous, not knowing what to expect. Here are a few things you may need to keep in mind with a first grooming appointment, along with how to help your pup through it.

12-Week Minimum

While your puppy may be getting shaggy around 10 or 11 weeks, you should know that most groomers will not take them before 12 weeks. The reasons for this will be discussed presently, though one of the biggest is that it can be a bit traumatizing or an extremely young puppy. Think about it. Their only source of support takes them to a place they have never been before and leaves them for hours, which might as well be forever to a young pup. To put the cherry on top, a stranger then asks them to stand still while they are bathed and trimmed. Young puppies may not know how to act, though once they hit 12 weeks old, they are slightly more emotionally mature. 

Proof of Vaccines

Another reason for the 12-week minimum is the fact that by that age, they should have received the bulk of their vaccinations. Groomers have been bit on occasion, and there are usually other dogs present in the office. Your dog must be vaccinated in order for a dog groomer to work with them. Make sure that you print off a copy of their vaccination history to provide if requested. 

PFB trim

Most groomers offer a specialized (cheaper) trim for a puppy. This is called the PFB trim since they will focus on three crucial areas: the paws, face, and bum. Your dog's nails are likely getting quite sharp, so groomers will trim them, along with tidying up the fur around the paws. They will then trim the fur around the eyes and bum, in order to keep things sanitary. 

In conclusion, by understanding the process of getting your pet groomed for the first time, you can make it go more smoothly for everyone involved. Have your documents ready, realistic expectations for what will happen, and plenty of treats handy for afterwards. Good luck!