Information On German Shepherds

6 August 2020
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog


German Shepherd puppies and dogs are extremely popular. They find their way into family homes, one-owner homes, and many areas of service. There are a lot of reasons why so many people like this breed of dog, and below, you can learn what some of those reasons are: 

They are big while not considered to be overly large

Many people want to have a large-breed dog, but they still want to be able to have the dog in the house easily, even if it's a smaller house. They also want to be able to take the dog in the car with the family and have it only take up one of the seats. They also like the idea of being able to share the bed with the dog. However, when a dog is overly large, these things won't likely be possible. For example, it can be hard to fit a St. Bernard or a Great Dane into an apartment, but a German Shepherd can fit just fine. 

They are very intelligent

Another reason why so many people like the breed is that they are considered to be very intelligent dogs. Not only are they so smart, but they also tend to be very focused and they love to please. These are things that make the breed very easy to train. They are easy to train if they are family dogs. They are also so easy to train and intelligent that they are often used for many other things. Some of the things that they are commonly used for include search and rescue dogs, police dogs, military dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, and even dogs that act in the movies. 

They can be friendly and protective

Most people like the idea of having a dog that is friendly and gentle for their friends and family and that will also be a good protector if someone should become a threat to someone in the family. This breed is known for benign very friendly and loving. However, should someone break into the house or act like they are threatening someone who is a part of the German Shepherd's family, then they will turn into protectors who will defend the ones that they care about. They are also very loyal dogs, so they bond closely with their families, and this is one more of the things that makes them natural protectors.

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