If You Want An Affectionate Cat, Ragdolls Are The Way To Go

10 November 2021
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Cats have a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to their personalities and aloofness. Some people swear that all cats are aloof and unfriendly, but that simply isn't the case. A cat's personality has a lot to do with its upbringing, gender, and breed. So if you like cats but are looking for one that's a little more interested in social behavior and cuddling, there are select types of cats you should look for.

How They Behave

Ragdoll kittens are especially unique in the world of cat behavior. While some cats have taken their names from regions or people who were initially responsible for breeding them, ragdolls get their name because of their behavior and attitude.

Not all cats like being held and carried around, but ragdolls generally do. They take their names from the way that they tend to act - like ragdolls. They have an especially strong reputation for simply going limp in someone's arms when they're scooped up, allowing the person to snuggle and cuddle them as much as they like.

What They Look Like

Of course, a cat's personality isn't all there is to appreciate about a cat. Their looks come into the picture too, and ragdolls are arguably adorable, so you shouldn't have much of a problem here.

Ragdolls are a long-haired, fluffy breed with soft, snuggly fur. While they're not directly related to Siamese or Burmese cats, ragdolls bear a strong resemblance to them. They tend to have dark masks, ears, and tails. The color of these dark points can differ from a faint gray to a dark, chocolate brown. In addition, ragdolls have round faces, big eyes, and grow up to be rather large cats, similar to Maine Coons.

How to Get a Ragdoll

While some people are lucky enough to have a ragdoll cat fall into their laps courtesy of adoption or finding one at a shelter, that's typically not the case. Ragdoll cats are purebred in order to ensure their attitude and appearance. If you're interested in adopting a ragdoll cat for yourself or a loved one, seek out a reputable ragdoll breeder. Many breeders specialize in ragdolls because of how popular they are as a breed.

To ensure you're getting the best ragdoll, feel free to ask about your kitten's breeding line. This will reveal who their parents are, and whether or not they have any accolades, like being chosen for prizes at cat shows. In addition, it's always a good idea to review cat breeders online and ask for a view of their facility or home so that you can ensure your ragdolls are being raised in good conditions and are healthy.

Ragdolls are one of the most authentically affectionate cats out there, so if you want to be touchy-feely with a feline, consider adopting one.