Pros And Cons Of Bringing Home A Maine Coon Kitten

27 December 2022
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Maine coons are perhaps one of the best-known cat breeds. They are predominantly known for their large size and long, soft coats. These beautiful, social cats are beloved by many. However, you should still take time to think through your decision before you bring home a Maine coon kitten. Here are some pros and cons worth considering before you welcome this new ball of fuzz into your life.

Pro: Maine coons are very family-friendly cats.

If you have kids in the house, or even if you live with a number of adults, you want a cat that's going to be friendly and loving towards everyone in the home. A Maine coon is likely to be just that. These cats are incredibly friendly and welcoming. It's next to unheard of for a Maine coon to be the kind of cat who scratches, bites, or hisses at their owner. Your cat is more likely to always be at your feet, on your lap, and by your side. And if you're not around for them to cling to, they'll accept attention from any other person who is there.

Con: Maine coons require a lot of grooming.

Those long, lush coats can look magnificent, but they are also high-maintenance. Maine coons need to be brushed regularly to prevent mats, and many do benefit from going to the groomer for a thorough de-shedding in the spring. This is more maintenance than is required for a short-haired cat.

Pro: Maine coons are highly intelligent.

These are said to be some of the smartest cats. Not only will the cat quickly pick up on your habits and routines, but you should be able to train them if desired. People have taught their Maine coons to sit and stay, and also to do little tricks like fetching balls. This can be very rewarding if you're looking to connect with your pet.

Con: Maine coons can be expensive.

This is a beloved breed of cat, and they are not cheap, especially when you buy one as a kitten. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to instead look at rescues for an adult Maine coon; they come up from time to time.

Maine coon cats can be incredibly rewarding to own, especially if you purchase one with good, champion bloodlines. Just make sure you're prepared for the grooming demands if you decide to bring home this type of cat.

To learn more about the breed, contact a champion bloodline maine coon cat breeder in your area.